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How to navigate with selfeduco

How you can register in Me Educo

You can choose to become an Instructor or Student. After register you will recive an email with an activation key. If you choose to become an student and later you decide to become an Instructor please send us an email and we will take care for you. 

How to Navigate

After you login in the right you can click in you name and choose Profile and will redirect you to your dashboard where you can control evrything depends if you are a student or instuctor will have diferent dashboard with your courses, achievements, assignments, messages, followers, commissions, messages ,etc

How you can purchase a Course

You can look for your courses by categories or go to the shop

after you choose your course you can proceed to check out. 

If you have any questions please contact us

As instructor in your dashboard

Start uploading your courses, units, quizzes, videos, zoom meeting  any questions  contact us  

Publish your course

Choose your category if you dont find one you can create 

Upload your course Photo

Name you course 

Write a short and a detailed description 

Course duration

Seats 9999 is unlimited

When would you like to start

How is the evaluation


How to publish your course settings

In this section you can set how many times the student can retakes the courses, if you are giving certificates, course badge. etc.

How publish your course section 3

In this section you have 2 ways to do it.

1st You can upload your Zip file drag and drop with diferent types of files.

How publish your course section 4ª

2nd You can build your Curriculum and after that you can upload your videos, packages, zoom meeting, any text, buil your course with elementor very simple.

To upload a Video copy the URL and paste

Any question you can always contact us

Last section Public your course

Name the Price and Publish……that simple. Congratulations 

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